evhawaii.org is based in Hawaii (on the Big Island of Hawaii). A site dedicated to the Electric Vehicle on the Big Island of Hawaii - a place where we can share our experiences and make it a better place for EV ownership.    

As a gathering place for local contributions from Electric Vehicle enthusiasts, this site augments the existing mailing lists leaf at evhawaii dot org, used by the Big Island Electric Vehicle Association. 

We started the Big Island Electric Vehicle Association in 2011. It has been very instrumental in raising awareness of Electric Vehicle use on the Big Island and promoting the growth of the necessary infrastructure.

We will not stop until every vehicle on this Island is 100% electric, and powered by local energy.

"There is nothing quite like it, barrelling down the hill to Kawaihae packing 30KW, charge up, and then a flat out high speed rocket back up the hill, A/C full on, Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven, a steady push, just smooth acceleration, frantic exhilaration. Nothing can quite match that feel of an electric."

National Plug In Day Hilo Sept 28, Kona Sept 29 2013

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Bar Hopping

PS: The picture is part of a 360 degree panorama that I took from the summit of Mauna Kea (from the catwalk of CFHT).

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